Chen starts on June 11, 2021 and will end on July 9, 2021. It is the fourth (4th) month, the month of favor. The LORD Almighty said to the praying Apostle on July 2, 2016: ""Favor" means "Chen" in Hebrew. You shall call the 4th month: CHEN. Do not let the name of the pagan god Tammuz come out of your mouth. From now on, my people will receive my favor instead of my wrath." 

Chen 5782 has 11 holy days of prayer. See the calendar so you may identify them. At LJHP, we observe the calendar of GOD. The Gregorian calendar is served to point out the corresponding prophetic days of prayer.

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Jesus Drink offering is the prescribed offering for the month of Chen 5782 (June 11 - July 9, 2021). 

PRAYER: O LORD GOD Almighty, I am asking you to bless and prosper the giver in Jesus' name. Amen.